Extending your study time with Sketchy Medical

You can find your extension plan purchase options by logging into your account and selecting PLANS in the upper-right corner. Sketchy Medical extensions of 1- and 3-months are available to purchase for active subscriptions or subscriptions that have expired in the last 90 days.*  Other Sketchy program extension options can also be found in the PLANS page of your account. All extension plans do not qualify for discounts or refunds.

*Extensions of 1-month need to be purchased before the subscription expires for some programs.

If you are looking to extend your subscription access in response to a formal Leave of Absence, please be sure to contact us directly at [email protected] You will need to present the formal Leave of Absence documentation provided by your school, as well as any other supporting documents that will assist in verifying your special request. Please be sure to block out any sensitive information.

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