Auto-Renewing Plans

Will my Sketchy subscription auto-renew once it expires?

All Sketchy Medical, Sketchy Pharmacy, Sketchy PA, and Sketchy Nursing subscription plans are auto-renew plans. These plans will renew at the end of your initial fixed term of 6, 12, or 24-months. Any auto-renew charges at the end of the term will renew at the regular subscription price unless another promotion is active during your next billing date. See Current and Upcoming Promotions for more information. Auto-renew charges are made according to UTC timezone. You can disable auto-renew at any time, including on the day of purchase, without affecting your initial subscription access period. In order to stop a subscription from auto-renewing, you will need to manually disable this feature through the ACCOUNT page before your next payment date, or notify Sketchy via email at at least 10 days in advance of your next payment date. You can find the ability to terminate the auto-renewing subscription under the DANGER ZONE section under the PAYMENTS tab of your ACCOUNT page. The "Disable Auto-Renew" button will only stop auto-renew, your original subscription will maintain access until the expiration of its term.
Example PAYMENTS page displaying location of "Disable Auto-Renew" button.

After hitting the "Disable Auto-Renew" button, a window will pop-up to confirm your selection. In this window you can choose to continue with auto-renew by changing your renewal term length, or continue with the disabling process to end auto-renew and prevent any additional charges by selecting "I still want to disable auto-renew" at the bottom.
Example pop-up window to confirm your selection.

After hitting "I still want to disable auto-renew", a second window will pop-up to confirm when your access will end. Your subscription access will expire at the end of your current term. Once your subscription expires, content access will be lost. Subscription access can be purchased again anytime. Please note, renewing Sketchy Medical accounts will lose access to our 1- and 3-month extension plans after 90 days from their most recent subscription expiration date. To finalize the auto-renew cancellation, select "Disable Anyway".
Example pop-up window to finalize auto-renew cancellation.

After hitting "Disable Anyway", a final window will pop-up to confirm that your auto-renew cancellation was successful. This is also an opportunity to provide us with feedback that led to your decision to opt-out of our auto-renew system. We appreciate any and all feedback here.
Example of final pop-up window that confirms that auto-renew was successfully disabled. Optional survey included.

How are charges made to my account?

All Charges and payments will be enabled using the preferred payment method designated in your account, after which you will receive a receipt by email. Auto-renew charges paid are final and do not qualify for any full or partial refunds. No exceptions. The charge will be made at midnight UTC of your billing date. Be sure to disable the auto-renew feature within your ACCOUNT page before your next payment date to avoid unwanted charges. Disabling auto-renew before your renewal date does not affect your current subscription access, it only ensures your subscription will not automatically renew once it expires. You can find your next payment date listed under the auto-renewing subscription in the PAYMENTS section of your ACCOUNT page. In this same tab, you will also be able to change the term length of the renewal. Any changes to the subscription must be made before the upcoming payment date. Additionally, we do provide a courtesy reminder of your upcoming payment date by displaying a banner in your dashboard for 14 days leading up to the renewal date, as well as a reminder email during the week leading up to your next billing date. This is intended to provide you with ample opportunity to disable the auto-renew subscription before the non-refundable charge is made to your account.

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