Sketchy Statement on Equity & Anti-Racism In Medical Education and Healthcare

Find out where Sketchy stands on Equity & Anti-Racism In Medical Education and Healthcare.

Sketchy is committed to confronting institutional racism in the healthcare system and inspiring health professionals to advocate for equity as a pivotal part of caring for their patients and their communities. Our team is constantly working to improve our content and elevate the voices of those directly affected by disparities. We are grateful to our users who believe in Sketchy enough to send us feedback that illuminates any blind spots we may have. We take your concerns seriously and are converting your feedback into action.

Our approach is three-fold:

  1. Continually review our curriculum to identify any content that stigmatizes, inaccurately portrays, or fails to represent groups of people. Our feedback feature enables users to flag problematic content.
  2. Create educational content that illuminates the true causes of health disparities and promotes health equity advocacy.
  3. Consciously recruit employees who bring a rich diversity of perspectives and reflect the students we are serving and, by extension, their patients and communities.

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