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What are the features included in the lesson page?

We made some updates to the way you can review Sketchy video lessons with the goal of making your study sessions more seamless. The new Symbol Explorer tab takes you to the review card for that video lesson, but with some added features!

The Symbol Explorer tab breaks down all the symbols in the review card by their number, name, description, and image preview. Check out what else we’ve done to amp up your study game below:

  • You can search for keywords in the review card to pull up the information you need faster!
  • Focus mode enlarges the review card only, with symbols toggled on or off.
  • Hotspot mode is a great way to test your retention of the symbols from the video lesson! Turning on/off this mode will allow you to hide the symbols on the review card.
  • Toggle between the video and symbol explorer tab, they can be played simultaneously as an additional study method during review!
  • We've introduced Keyboard Shortcuts for both the video and Symbol Explorer tabs! You can move lightning fast between the video and the review card, enter Focus Mode by clicking F, toggle hotspots on and off with H, and more ... there's even ... a shortcut ... to open up the shortcut menu!

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