How do I redeem my AAMC code?

You will receive your AAMC code to access your official MCAT practice directly from the AAMC. The code will be sent from the email address to the email associated with your Sketchy MCAT account. You can double-check the email associated with your Sketchy MCAT account through the ACCOUNT page after logging in at “Activate your MCAT Official Prep Products” will be in the subject line of the email (If you have trouble finding the email, try searching for those terms in your email client).

The email will include your code as well as detailed instructions on how to redeem and access your MCAT Official Prep Products through your AAMC account. After you sign in to your AAMC account, you will be directed to the MCAT Official Prep Hub where you can access your products. 

Please allow up to 5 business days after purchase to receive your code. If you haven’t received the code after 5 business days, please email for assistance, we’re happy to help!

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