Blueprint X Sketchy MCAT Bundle

Sketchy and Blueprint have teamed up to help students prepare for the MCAT by offering Blueprint X Sketchy MCAT bundle*. The new bundled plans include full access to the Sketchy MCAT Science Review program, a customized study plan and Blueprint practice exams, the most representative MCAT practice exams - second only to the AAMC.

Three 6 month plan options are available with varying exam options. View plans here to decide which plan best fits your needs.

Already a Sketchy MCAT user? Upgrade to a bundle through the PLANS page in your account.

*Please note the Blueprint X Sketchy MCAT bundle does not include CARS content. This content is exclusively available as part of our Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials x AAMC bundle. The Blueprint X Sketchy MCAT bundle is excluded from site-wide promotions.

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