Sketchy Mobile App

The Sketchy mobile app is here!

The wait is over, the Sketchy app is available for your mobile device. You can now use the Sketchy App for learning on-the-go! We made this app in mind that you’re a busy student and you are looking for the most efficient ways to maximize your time.

With the new Sketchy app, your login and video progress is saved so you can pick up right where you left off. Plus, key Sketchy features you love on desktop like watching videos, Symbol Explorer, quizzes are all optimized for mobile so you can learn on the go with ease. The best part? Any new upgrades or study tools we launch will automatically be added to your Sketchy app. No need to download version updates!

How do I install the app?

From your mobile device, open an internet browser, and type in Once you login to your Sketchy account, you will be prompted to install the app.

iOS devices

  1. Open Safari and type in

  2. Login to your account

  3. Once logged in, click the share icon.

  4. From the popup, select "Add to Home Screen"

  5. All set! Watch the tutorial below for visual instructions.

Android devices

  1. Open Chrome and go to

  2. Login to your account

  3. Once logged in, click on the install button.

  4. All set! Watch the tutorial below for visual instructions.

We can’t wait for you to try it, so what are you waiting for?

If you are having trouble installing the app on your device or have any questions, email us at, we're happy to help!


Is the app available for iPad and other tablets?

Yes! Click on the hamburger menu icon and click on "Install Sketchy App" from the drop down menu.

I dismissed the install pop-up. How do I get it back up?

The option to install the app is available in the menu. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the top right and scroll down to “Install Sketchy App.”

Is the app available in the app store?

The Sketchy app is not a typical app where you download from the app store. It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) where service workers, manifests, and other web-platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience on par with native apps. Aside from the slightly different installation steps, users’ in-app experience will still be seamless and optimized for mobile.

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