MCAT Score Guarantee Terms

The MCAT Score Guarantee applies only to the Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials program. This policy is not valid for any other Sketchy programs. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for a score evaluation under our Money-back Score Guarantee:

  • An official MCAT score must be documented prior to purchasing a Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials subscription. Only the highest score will be considered.

  • Provide documentation of a valid MCAT exam score taken after completing the Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials program

  • "Completing the Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials program" requires completing ALL of the following resources before your test date, with at least 50% finished two weeks before your test date:

    • Watch 350+ unique lessons

    • Answer 700+ unique quiz questions

    • Complete 2000+ unique AAMC questions, including at least 4 scored full-length exams

  • Attest that all MCAT exam scores have been disclosed

  • Purchased a Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials subscription plan directly from and accessed AAMC resources via an AAMC code provided by Sketchy

  • Reached the end of your subscription access term

  • Have never redeemed an MCAT guarantee from Sketchy in the past—only first-time students are eligible

Once you meet all the requirements listed above, reach out to no later than 60 days past your Sketchy MCAT Prep Essentials subscription expiration date for next steps on how to apply!

Scores will be evaluated by Sketchy as follows:

  • If “prior score” is 500 or lower, we guarantee a 10-point improvement on your “post-Sketchy MCAT score”

  • If “prior score” is 500 or higher, we guarantee a 510 or higher on your “post-Sketchy MCAT score”

Looking for more information? Check out our MCAT Score Guarantee blog post here.

*Updated May 29, 2024

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