Who is Blueprint?

Discover why Blueprint might be a helpful addition to your study resources and take advantage of the Blueprint x Sketchy MCAT bundle offer!

Blueprint is a pioneering leader in MCAT prep with options ranging from live and on-demand courses that are proven to help students raise their actual MCAT scores by 13 points, on average, to personalized 1:1 tutoring, MCAT flashcards and practice exams famous for being representative of the real thing-- second only to the official AAMC exams.

Blueprint’s prep options include access to the ONLY fully-customizable MCAT study planner tool that adapts to your schedule at the click of a button. With all the revolutionary MCAT innovations, it’s not surprising that Blueprint students are 3x more likely to score in the 96th percentile or above.

Please visit Blueprint Help for more information.

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