1-Month Auto-Renew

Will Sketchy automatically charge my card on file and renew my subscription?

The 1-month auto-renew plan is currently available to select renewing Sketchy Medical users. Purchasing the 1-month auto-renew plan will result in the bank card on file to be charged every month at midnight (UTC) on the day your active month expires. Auto-renew subscribers will be charged the same amount every month which is the initial price of the plan ($69.99). This plan does not qualify for any refunds.

However, you are still able to purchase a 6, 12, or 24-month subscription to extend your access instead. The longer term plan will start at the end of the month that is already paid for and auto-renew will be turned off.

Auto-renew subscribers are able to stop the auto-renew process manually in their updated ACCOUNT SETTINGS page within their account. This page shows the date of the next time you will be charged. There is also a CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button to disable the auto-renew. Please note, if auto-renew is disabled, you will maintain access for the rest of the paid month and will lose access once the month ends.

If you are unsure how to calculate UTC to your timezone, add the local time offset to the UTC time. For example, if your local time offset is -5:00, and if the UTC time is shown as 11:00, add -5 to 11. The time setting when adjusted for offset is 06:00 (6:00 A.M.). Note The date also follows UTC format.

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